Passion for Quality


The main service of the company is product development projects for consumer electronics audio market. Typical deliverables of a project include:

Our services include:

To speed up the development, we also have building blocks serving as excellent starting points for development (not available as products):

Analog output stages

8 channel output, based on the ESS SABRE32 Reference 32-bit Audio DAC

True top level performance in production friendly form factor.


8 channel output, based on CS4385 + CS3318

24 bit DA converter together with a really good analog domain volume control; high-end performance with reasonable BOM cost. 

Signal Processing

CS49834 DSP module

  • Signal processing power to spare!
  • All modern audio decoders and post processing algorithms
  • Kuusama Audio has the experience of implementing full home theater signal processing suite (Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master Audio, Dolby Pro Logic etc) on Cirrus processors
  • 16 channel output
  • HDMI / USB maser clock cleaning and re-clocking for signal purity
  • Three Toslink, one coaxial, three multichannel I2S digital audio inputs

Analog inputs

Analog is still needed! We have implemented numerous analog input stages

For example, this one: two stereo inputs and calibration / Karaoke microphone input, CS5346 based (24-bits)


Kuusama Audio is the audio company. We use experienced industry best HDMI experts on video implementations. The board illustrated here is a four in, one out design. A eight in, two out design is in development.

HDMI pretest and licensing can be arranged.